Parent Testimonials

We started at BCS back in 2014, and it was our first experience enrolling our son in preschool. We were nervous and inexperienced, but it proved to be the best fit for our growing family.  When we found the school we made an appointment and visited Miss Tammy, who was very nice and explained all the details about the class and the school. Although we toured other schools in the area, we fell in love with BCS, the playgrounds and the atmosphere. Through the 5 years we have been able to meet almost all the teachers with 3 children in different classes. We cannot say enough good things about the teachers - they are nurturing and caring and provide a great environment for our children to grow and learn. Could not be happier at BCS, and will miss it when our children outgrow it. - Marina S.

When we moved here from Charleston I was so happy to find BCS. It was so great coming there the first day and seeing the large campus, meeting the teachers and feeling safe about leaving my son there.  BCS offers a drop-off from 8:30 to 9:00 and you can drop-off w/o having to get out of your car or you can park and walk up. They also provide snack so I am not required to go to the store and find a fruit, a veggie, a carb . . . and then bring this to the school multiple times a year. Finally, BCS follows the federal holiday calendar instead of Montgomery County. All of this means more time in school for my son and a better value for our dollar overall when we did the math of the hours in school, not having to provide snack and a less stressful parking and dropping off situation. - C. Abel

BCS has truly been a family to us. When we started at BCS, our 2 older children went two days a week. Today, our youngest is there full time and we couldn’t be happier. I know every day my daughter is getting the playtime, education, and love that she needs. The staff is more than willing to accommodate last minute schedule changes such as extra hours, which has been a real plus. – Kimberly C.

Our three children have attended BCS over the past 6 years and it remains our favorite school in Montgomery County.  The women who work at BCS are caring, nurturing and have a genuine love for children.  In my mind, BCS is a perfect segue from babyhood to preschool.  While BCS is a play based preschool, our children learned many academic skills along with many social skills.  Sharing and being kind are a basic way of life at BCS.  The community is very real and supportive.  I can’t say enough about BCS - we feel so fortunate to have found it! - The Kingsley Family

We have been fortunate to have two children (daughter and now son) attend Bethesda Community school from ages 2-5. They both thrived on the small classes with caring and talented teachers who love children.  They looked forward to open play,  and listening to stories, learning yoga, and taking nature walks.   They learned about artists, handwriting without tears, and most important how to navigate friendships and sharing.    The school has a great balance of academic and social emotional learning/play.  The school has numerous outdoor playgrounds and takes the children out in all types of weather to explore and play.  We feel lucky to have found BCS and will miss it! - Julie & Sevan Petrossian

BCS has provided a safe, caring and stimulating environment for both of our sons. We highly recommend this school to anyone who values caring teachers and happy children! – Kelly & Colin O.

Bethesda Community School has met and exceeded all of our hopes for a nurturing and safe place for our oldest child to learn and play. We are excited for his little sisters to go to the school someday, too! The teachers and staff at BCS are very dedicated, caring, and organized. They keep us up to date on everything pertinent to our child’s care. Most importantly, my son goes into school feeling excited, and comes home happy and sharing funny stories from the day. He loves his teachers and talks about them in a way that shows he feels very connected to them. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the experience, and feel so lucky to have found this warm place for our children to thrive. - Parent