Children are grouped according to age.  Activities are planned according to the children’s development and ability, and much individual attention is given to educational and emotional needs and talents.

The children have the benefit of our large playgrounds and they have outside play every day that the weather permits.  We feel that this outside activity is an important part of the school day.

Each teacher has a list of specific objectives she/he wishes to accomplish with her/his class.  These objectives are developed with the age of the class in mind.

Social and Emotional Development
Language Arts
Social Studies
Art and Music
Physical Development

These objectives govern teacher planning on a daily basis and also overall lesson planning for the year.  If there is any question of the objectives, please feel free to request our more specific program guide for the school.

Teacher Student Ratio

The State Department of Education recommends the following teacher to student ratios:

2 years (1:6); 3 years through 5 years (1:10).

Our school maintains these ratios.